site de rencontre espagnol 100 gratuit Hi. Call me C.C.

rencontre estrie granby I’m a native Angeleno and have lived in Southern California for my entire life. If it’s old, kitschy, unique, or just plain cool, there’s a good chance I like it.

australian bottle dating I read voraciously, have a head full of useless facts, and hope to someday own a storybook ranch house (although I wouldn’t say no to a single-story bungalow). I also blog about the long-lost French community in Los Angeles. Disclosures:

you can look here All Amazon links are affiliate links. (A girl’s got to eat.) I am not accepting sponsored posts at this time but may do so in the future.

published here Like what you read? I am available for writing and editing assignments on a freelance or regular basis. However, I reserve the right to decline assignments for any reason, and will prioritize the integrity of this blog in the event of a conflict.

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For private locations (i.e. private homes), I will not share the exact location. I remove EXIF data for sites like Flickr.

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I make every effort to avoid taking pictures of other people unless it is relevant to this blog and I have their permission. (Again, public figures may be excepted.)

I reserve the right to edit pictures when I feel it is the best course of action (i.e. cropping a picture to remove a license plate or house number).

Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by me, and I reserve all rights. If you want to use a picture of mine, please ask me first. (My readers are welcome to share my pictures on sites like Pinterest. However, I ask that they link back to this blog in return.)