Black Kat Vintage: Mike Ness’ Estate Sale

Black Kat Vintage: Mike Ness’ Estate Sale

rencontre snapchat Once upon a time, Mike Ness of Social Distortion founded Black Kat Vintage in Orange, sharing space with Villains Vintage. The store is now closed, but Black Kat Vintage had two pop-up estate sales in the last couple of months. I was able to drop in for the second one. The sale was in an old metal shop in Santa Ana, but don’t let the location fool you – it was an Aladdin’s cave of great vintage stuff.

img_1156 I’ve spent most of my life in and around antique shops (I also work in one) and am always thrilled to see pieces like this in impeccable condition.


comment rencontrer des femmes sans payer More vintage lamps and clocks – hey, my great-grandma had blue Roseville pottery too!


shatavari ghrita price Some lucky soul snapped up this Art Deco bar before I arrived. Not that I need one, but it’s a gorgeous piece.


I loved this adorable kitchen cabinet…but my car isn’t big enough to haul it, and I didn’t have enough cash anyway.


1960s bobbleheads.


My mom had that 1959 Barbie!


Charming vintage kitchenware.


Dishes, salt and pepper shakers, and cool vintage tablecloths.


Now THIS is the piece that’s going to haunt my dreams…


This beautiful Wedgwood stove didn’t have a price tag on it, but there’s still no way I could have brought it home. (I would have if I could have!)


I’ve seen a lot of rattan in varying states of repair…and these are among the very best pieces I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately…out of budget and not enough space in the car.


I definitely have enough shoes. But I could use shelves like this to solve that pesky storage problem…


I’ve seen a lot of vintage purses and own several…but this is the one and only GRAY Lucite purse I have ever seen in a lifetime of antiquing.


Some of Mike’s stage clothes.


Living room furniture. Not my exact style but still very cool.


Car parts and audio equipment. The radio on the countertop was incongruously playing The Strokes for some reason…


Vintage religious paraphernalia.


Model cars.


Vintage tabletop jukebox.


Hair trimmers, hot rod magazines, and the Man in Black.


Vintage toys and a 1980s (I think) Mickey Mouse phone.


I did find one thing that fit my space and budget: this ceramic Cinderella, made in 1960. She’ll be right at home with my 1960s Snow White.

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