Building a Miniature Tiki Room

Building a Miniature Tiki Room

3eme rencontres electronique imprimée I love miniatures, and I got something very special for my birthday/Christmas this year.

click now My entire family chipped in to buy a vintage salesman’s sample set of Paul Frankl rattan furniture.

une belle rencontre This is only the second set I have ever seen. Some time ago an upscale vintage store in LA had a set that didn’t look as nice as this one, with the ominous words “call for pricing”. Which means it was probably very expensive.

site de rencontre russe en france gratuit I had to build a miniature tiki room for this set, of course. Since the set is sized about right for Barbie and similar dolls, the room is 1:6 scale instead of the 1:12 scale I’m used to.

Tiny tiki room under construction

nioxin shampoo uk Miniature tiki room under construction

I considered an A-frame roof, but realized that at 1:6 scale, the room would be VERY tall. I have limited space (and I’m still not sure where I’m going to put this!). So I went with a sloping roof instead.

Next time: the interior walls. (And yes, that’s Sophistatiki wallpaper.)

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