Cinderella Ranch: Anaheim (Part 2)

Cinderella Ranch: Anaheim (Part 2)

Not too long ago, I posted the first of two entries on Anaheim’s Cinderella Ranch houses. This is the second.

I plan to eventually cover every midcentury storybook ranch neighborhood in Orange County, with as many in LA and San Diego Counties as I can manage. Since the Vandruff brothers were the originators of this style (in the context of tract housing) and built the West Anaheim homes themselves (before licensing their work to other builders), I believe these houses merit special coverage.

These houses are in tract 2-2, bordering Stanton.


Original jousting pole detail on a garage door! This is quite rare, even in this relatively untouched neighborhood.


Look at this perfectly preserved facade. LOOK AT IT. I could definitely live here.


Original window mullions, an unaltered roofline, shutters, and garage detail (even though it’s painted over, it’s still there). And it’s light blue just like Cinderella’s ball gown.


This picture illustrates a very unfortunate situation: part of the original tract was, at some point, replaced by the considerably less charming beige townhouses seen behind this home. The townhouse complex even altered the street grid in this neighborhood (drive through it and you’ll see how weird and forced it seems).


Nothing warms this old house fanatic’s frozen heart quite like seeing original windows, with original trim, on a well-maintained house.


More original trim – and in a very 1950s minty green!


I would like to sincerely commend the owners of this house on Ravenswood Drive. If you read my first entry, you already know that true Cinderella ranch houses are ALWAYS one-story houses. These homeowners (or perhaps a previous owner) had to add some space at one point… read this check try this web-site what to say on online dating phrase de site de rencontre rencontre femme du togo but they added on in a way that works. The addition looks like it has always been part of the house, right down to the perfectly matching second-story window (perhaps it was salvaged from a different house nearby during a renovation?). If this is your house: it looks great, and thank you for respecting the house’s storybook origins.


Tract house perfection, plain and simple.

I noticed something while photographing this neighborhood: many of the house styles share names with the streets. Were the streets named after the house styles? Were the house styles named after the streets? Anyone know?

Another thought: a lot of Disney employees live or have lived in Anaheim. You could feasibly commute to Disneyland from here. The central character in Disneyland Paris’ Phantom Manor is named Melanie Ravenswood. Coincidence?

(Kindly forgive the stormy backgrounds and low light in these pictures…my days off don’t always coincide with great weather, and I’m not the best photographer.)

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