Cinderella Ranches of Costa Mesa

Cinderella Ranches of Costa Mesa

You know I love Cinderella Ranch houses.

I worked in Costa Mesa for three years and never knew there were Cinderella Ranch houses in the College Park neighborhood.

In the grand tradition of my Cinderella Ranch post series…it was cloudy the day I ventured into College Park to take pictures. I swear I don’t plan it this way – it just happens.

Original windows! Shutters!

Classic Cinderella Ranch roofline.

One of the few houses I spotted with Cinderella Ranch gingerbread trim. These houses are easily identifiable as Cinderellas, but are MUCH less ornate than their slightly older counterparts in Anaheim. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that the VanDruffs built the Anaheim tracts, but licensed their designs to other builders after that. Can any College Park locals confirm this?

As much as I hate beige…this is still adorable.

Want to visit yourself? find partnersuche zweite hand opcje binarne porady useful reference my website journУЉe rencontre eje Don’t drive. College Park – located next to the Orange County Fairgrounds and just below Orange Coast College – has one of the toughest parking restrictions I’ve ever seen in Orange County. Basically, you have to have a parking permit for the neighborhood. If you don’t, you can’t park there. You can’t even STOP your car there if you don’t have a permit. (As someone who has had to repeatedly deal with parking space thieves, I definitely understand why the restriction exists.)

Take a ride share, taxi, or bus and walk into the neighborhood on foot if you want to see the Cinderella Ranches of Costa Mesa (do note that some ’60s modern houses are also in the same neighborhood). Personally, I prefer the older, fancier houses in Anaheim.

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