Goldmine Alert: Kelly’s Toy Stop

Goldmine Alert: Kelly’s Toy Stop

neue leute kennenlernen duisburg If you like to read, or if you just like Disney movies, you may be familiar with Aladdin’s cave of wonders.

click The city of Anaheim has not one, but TWO such places.

rencontres s2rieuses The first is, of course, the miniature Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders in Disneyland’s classic Storybook Land attraction. The second is Kelly’s Toy Stop, five miles away. (I can’t seem to find a website, so I linked to the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce page.)

inserat aufgeben partnersuche Kelly’s stocks and sells vintage and collectible toys – and a pleasantly surprising amount of vintage and rare Disneyana.

Look At This Tips for visitors:

  • Kelly’s is in a modestly sized storefront in an older strip mall. You might drive past it without noticing. I suggest turning when you see the El Pollo Loco, passing it in the parking lot, then heading to the right.
  • If you’re into Disney pin trading, you can buy pins here. (Don’t try to sell fakes here. Someone was liquidating their collection during my visit, and it became apparent that the clerk knew how to spot the authentic pins. Also, counterfeiting is unethical, etc.)
  • I, personally, thought the pricing was more than fair. I work in an antique store – and collect vintage, Disney, and vintage Disney – so I see a pretty wide range of pricing. I picked out a couple of retired items I’d wanted for years. One of them was priced at about half of what a certain online dealer was asking. And since I bought more than one item, the clerk nicely rounded my total down by $5.

prix site rencontre tiilt Display case filled with vintage Disneyland ephemera. I’d love to do this with MY vintage Disney parks ephemera, but I’m too afraid of it fading or sagging.

paid dating sites usa Don’t let the modest storefront fool you – this is a collector’s treasure trove. I’m too young to remember ’70s TV shows (barring syndication), but got a kick out of seeing KISS action figures.

rencontres rondes avis Star Wars toys, both classic and newer? Oh yeah, they’ve got that. Three cases’ worth (and more), as of my visit.

SANRIO! My parents took me to the Sanrio flagship store in San Francisco when I was two years old and I swear it imprinted on me somehow. I even had some of this stuff (no surprise there).

A vintage toy store would be woefully incomplete without 1960s Barbie dolls. My mom had a few of these.

Older vintage toys – the kind collectors sometimes ask for at my antique-store job. (When they’re willing to travel, I refer them here.)

More vintage Disney, including a giant Sally doll (there was also a matching Jack Skellington).

So. Much. Disney.

Strawberry Shortcake AND My Little Pony in their original incarnations. It’s my ’80s childhood all over again! (I’m secretly hoping to run across She-Ra or Jem and the Holograms dolls on a future visit.)

An entire case dedicated to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (my favorite movie) alone. Look hard enough and you’ll see a bottle of the “Rag Doll” perfume Hot Topic used to sell. And I’m 12 years old all over again…

This collector will be back. But please: somebody restrain me around anything with Sally or Jack Skellington on it.

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