Lola Ramona!

Lola Ramona!

Ketty wedges

encontrar solteros catolicos Lola Ramona’s Ketty wedges

vorteile single sein mann I like to buy authentic vintage when I can. But with shoes, I’m cool with repro and vintage-inspired styles.

There are a couple of reasons for this: Shelf life. Rubber, in particular, only lasts for so long. Especially if it isn’t stored in the right environment. Other shoe materials can dry out, crock, or otherwise age poorly. Never mind what foot sweat can do to them… Shoes form to your feet. I have skinny feet, oddly shaped heels, and tiny ankles that instantly make all ankle straps comically oversized. Someone else’s shoes are probably not going to fit me very well.

I’ve had my eye on Lola Ramona for a while. Recently, when a style I liked went on sale, I bought it – and another one, too. I couldn’t resist.

Based in Copenhagen, Lola Ramona makes shoes, bags, and wallets with a retro/rockabilly twist. I can’t call my bold, stripy Angie platforms authentic (the Ketty sandals almost look like they could be from the 1950s), but they’ll go well enough with my wardrobe.

I couldn’t wait to try these on and share my findings.

Angie platform heels

Angie platform heels

description The quality is excellent. I used to sell shoes. I am site de rencontre au luxembourg extremely picky about them because I know how to detect flaws, imperfections, and questionable workmanship that most consumers will never notice. The two pairs I bought exceeded expectations. Lola Ramona thinks of everything. The Angie shoes have red heels – all the way down to the tips. They came with an extra pair of red heel tips for if/when the original heel tips wear down and need replacing. (I tend to walk on the outside of my feet, so my heel tips never wear down evenly. It’s nice to know I can someday replace my Angie heel tips with identical ones.) Did I mention both pairs came with shoe bags?

More hints They’re comfortable! No, really! I don’t wear heels anywhere near as often as I used to – they were wrecking my feet. (The injuries I sustained while falling down the stairs twice and falling off a pair of 6″ platform wedges in a Venice Beach parking lot didn’t exactly help.) But these shoes are so comfortable! The Ketty sandals are perfect; I didn’t have to break them in at all. I’m making good progress on breaking in the Angies. (Full disclosure: due to having dainty ankles, I did have to add extra buckle holes to the ankle straps. The straps are going to appear longer on me than they will on someone else.)

that site For a shoe company “with attitude”, Lola Ramona is more inclusive than most. Some shoe companies turn up their noses at flat shoes or sensible lower heels. Lola Ramona does have high heels, but they also have stylish flats and kitten heels. As of this writing, all of their bags and wallets are vegan-friendly, and so are some of their shoes.

tastylia online without prescription//// For the high quality, the pricing is more than fair. I’ve bought (and sold) shoes at a similar price point that weren’t this well made. I did buy these shoes on sale, but they would certainly have been worth full price (even including shipping from Denmark).

I’m inclined to agree with the company’s motto – “She who dies with the most shoes wins!” – but alas, I have a closet the size of a postage stamp. Still, I’m looking forward to Lola Ramona’s future offerings.

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