Making Miniature Tiki Lights, Part 2

Making Miniature Tiki Lights, Part 2

rencontres egyptiennes Moving on to the second miniature tiki lamp

site de rencontre sur le bon coin I used a different tapa pattern for this one, again scaling it down and cleaning it up in Word. I made this lamp longer than the first one to show the whole tapa pattern. I wound up with two panels and a gap between them, as I didn’t want a repeat cutting out at the seam. So I glued the “tapa” on the plastic tubing, leaving 1/4″ gaps between the two panels. I then covered the gaps with bits of bamboo from the same dismantled IKEA placemats I used to make the tiki room walls. I opted to omit the “rope” trim for variety (always a good thing in a tiki room). And honestly, trimming something in a small scale is much trickier than it looks.

capricorn man dating aries woman Three more lamps to go!

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