Palm Springs: Dazzled by Dazzles

Palm Springs: Dazzled by Dazzles

Between scheduling and responsibilities, I don’t get out and see cool old things as often as I would like to. But recently I was lucky to get a weekend away – in Palm Springs (if you read my other blog, you know I was there to give a lecture).

Some of Palm Springs’ cool old stuff is gone, but there’s still a lot left. So much so, in fact, that I didn’t have nearly enough time to see everything and had to prioritize.

Right at the top of my list was a trip to Palm Springs’ best vintage store, Dazzles.

I’d tried to visit before. In the days before Google was making reasonably reliable maps and GPS was readily available, I never could find the place. (Big tip: park on the side street next to Bootlegger Tiki. It’s about two doors north, in a tiny old repurposed motel that is currently painted olive green.)

Monkeypod heaven!

Dazzles: Where pink ceramic poodles go to retire.

Dazzles’ awesome courtyard. Have a plunge pool you hate? Make a sunken garden (don’t forget the cement flamingos)!

This midcentury modern doghouse must belong to one lucky little pup.

I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I would have liked (too many customers inside the tiny, packed store), but hopefully this gives you a taste. On the day of my visit, there was a good amount of rattan in stock (sadly, all either sold or out of my price range), lots of vintage Lucite grapes, and as always, a LOT of Bakelite – more than I’ve ever seen anywhere else.

Now that I know where to find the place, I will be back whenever I’m in the desert.

(The owners are also interior designers, and this is high-rent Palm Springs. If you’re from greater Los Angeles, the pricing won’t faze you. If you’re from anywhere else, it might.)

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