Retro Reads: Knott’s Preserved (2nd ed.)

Retro Reads: Knott’s Preserved (2nd ed.) I finally got Knott’s Preserved! Back in 2010, a little book called Knott’s Preserved was released. It has a bit of a cult following among vintage theme park enthusiasts – so much so, in fact, that the entire first edition sold out. Used copies are often listed at $100 or more on Amazon. Yikes! I wanted a copy, but couldn’t justify the price tag.

blog Thankfully, Angel City Press released a revised and expanded second edition in 2015. I finally got my hands on a copy for Christmas.

site de rencontres sans inscription Like every kid who grew up in Southern California, I went to Knott’s several times – and, once I was old enough, went to Knott’s Scary Farm a few times. This book brought back SO many memories – and my mom even asked to borrow it once I’d finished reading it. Needless to say, it brought back memories for her, too.

More Help Front end papers. Looks like my mom’s childhood. The devil and the volcano! My mom loved this little devil when she was a kid and was devastated when it was removed. She asked me if I could use my sleuthing skills to figure out where it went…supposedly, the devil went home with a longtime park employee. I have a picture of my eight-year-old self standing next to that little devil, but I’m not going to post it here.

that site If you have, or at least had, one of these somewhere, you probably grew up in SoCal too. (I know I have one of these but I can’t remember where I stored it…)

see this I volunteered for the Haunted Shack’s “chair trick” when I was nine. Turns out my mom did too, when she was 12.

navigate to this web-site Of all the defunct Knott’s attractions, I miss the Wacky Soap Box Racers the most.

Back end papers. Looks a lot like my childhood.

where to buy chewable dramamine I HIGHLY recommend Knott’s Preserved for theme park fans, roadside attraction enthusiasts, and Southern California locals (so many memories!).

And now I’m craving boysenberry jam…

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