Retro Roundup: Volume 2

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Noooooooo! Curbed LA reports that the gas station where James Dean last filled up his Porsche Spyder is now gone. In its place will be an as-yet-unspecified upscale grocery store. (Oh well, at least it’s not another damn parking lot…)

Finally, some good news: Santa’s Village just might be able to temporarily reopen for the holiday season. The classic 1950s kiddie park closed in 1998 after a long, slow decline, but new attractions are reportedly planned. Has anyone alerted Charles Phoenix yet? (The bad news? I’m too old for Santa’s Village and both of my “kids” are the furry kind.)

Macy’s Herald Square – the same location from Miracle on 34th Street – underwent modern renovations last year. Thankfully, 20 wooden escalators still remain. They’re creaky, but it’s safe to ride them.

And finally…did you know the Palme d’Or-winning 1965 short film Skater Dater was on Youtube? LA locals may recognize shooting locations in and around the South Bay. (If you’re wondering why all the kids are barefoot, it’s because grip tape didn’t exist yet. Sneakers were too slippery on bare wooden skateboards.)

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