Retro Roundup, Volume 4 I’ve driven past the Western Dental building in Santa Monica many times, often wondering why there was a penguin on the sign. Turns out it was originally the Armet and Davis-designed Penguin Coffee Shop! Now LAist reports it’s going to be reborn as a Mel’s Drive-In. Fingers crossed for a vegan burger on the updated menu…

Buy Tastylia / Got $30 million and need a place in LA? Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Beverly Hills pad is back on the market.

un hombre soltero puede adoptar en argentina Too pricey? Earl “Madman” Muntz’s house is also up for sale. Madman Muntz, famous for his wacky used-car-salesman antics and signature “madman” ensemble (a red union suit and Napoleon hat), also made a fortune selling cheap televisions. (He named his daughter Tee Vee Muntz. I wish that was a joke, but it’s true.)

visit this site right here Take a look at Universal City in 1963 (hat tip to Messy Messy Chic) – one year before the studio reopened to the public. (I had an annual pass to Universal Studios when I was in middle school. I’ll let you guess which buildings I recognize.)

site rencontre pour artistes Have you ever wanted a vintage bike? Did you write it off as impractical? Agnelli Milano Bici, based in Milan, combines vintage bicycle parts with modern technology. Besides showcasing classic Italian design, Agnelli bikes are electric! (You’ll have to contact them for pricing, and having a bike shipped from Italy is not going to be cheap. But wow, these are gorgeous bikes.)

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