Retro Roundup, Volume 5

additional info recherche rencontre femme mure test site de rencontre suisse donde viajar para conocer gente rencontrer hommes mariГ©s Full Report this contact form rencontre avec des femmes cа“ТЉlibataires buy strattera was ist besser weight watchers online oder treffen I’d love to have a vintage television. But, I’d want to modify it to work with today’s technology. (How cool would it be to watch A Crime to Remember on a TV from the 1950s?) Japanese company Doshisha has created a vintage-looking TV with all modern technology. The front of the TV looks more 1970s and the angled legs are very 1950s, so it may look a bit out of place in a time capsule home. But, it has A/V, USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports, and a modern remote control. (The knobs work, too.) Cue up your favorite vintage TV shows via iTunes and watch them on this!

Take the time to enjoy all the hand-drawn details on this 1946 cartoon tourist map of California (the original belongs to the Los Angeles Public Library). What I wouldn’t give to be able to go back in time and see “California then”…

Can you guess Elvis Presley’s oddest job? (I had NO idea…)

Nessy over at MessyNessyChic explains TV dinners. (Sharp-eyed readers may notice an illustration of a Parisian advertising pillar in the Swanson International Dinners ad. Which, oddly, doesn’t offer a French-style TV dinner. Okay, fine, as a French American I think such a thing would be an abomination anyway…) She also educates us on the Hollywood Canteen (someone should make an updated movie about this…) and highlights beautiful vintage trailers for sale (the 1956 Ford Victoria/Platt camper pair is retro perfection).

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