Scenes from a Vintage Market: Golden Years

Scenes from a Vintage Market: Golden Years

rencontre ille et vilaine Last month, I FINALLY had a chance to visit the Golden Years Vintage Market, held several times a year in Santa Ana and hosted by Cameo Appearance Vintage.

como hacer citas de internet normas apa Forgive the gloomy February skies…as I’ve said, my days off don’t always coincide with great weather (and come on, it was February). Handy tips for visitors:

  • You may drive past Golden Years several times without seeing it from the street. Just look for the Gypsy Den café; it’s easier.
  • While I’m on the subject, the Gypsy Den is a great place to go for lunch (ask for an extra napkin if you get the vegan wrap; it’s delicious, but kind of drippy).
  • There is a (paid, but pretty cheap) parking garage about a block away, if street parking isn’t available.
  • There was a DJ spinning a set at the market…but honestly, the music was just too loud (and this is coming from someone who used to go to shows OFTEN). You might want to bring earplugs just in case.
  • Even if you have a hard time buying vintage clothes (and I certainly do!), the vinyl selection alone is a good reason to go.

rencontre gay abu dhabi Welcome to Golden Years!

bdswiss erfahrungen forum Love the vintage drum used as a display stand. Also: 1960s dresses!

rencontre eguilles My brother inherited a near-identical Boy Scouts backpack from our uncle (except it had a metal frame).

look at here This cute Mexican-themed sweater came from a dealer visiting from Wisconsin. Talk about carrying coals to Newcastle… Racks and racks of good stuff (oh, and a fountain).

sie sucht ihn lampertheim Frightening thought: I am old enough to remember this tour. If a concert t-shirt from 1995 is considered “vintage”…my God, how old does that make me?!

site de rencontre gratuits pour les hommes This dealer had the coolest booth, hands down.

I remember watching the 1960s Batman series on TV (in syndication in the ’90s…I’m not THAT old) with my little brother. I still appreciate the show’s kitsch factor. (And let’s be realistic…most vintage clothing is never going to fit me, so I’m going to make a beeline for the vinyl anyway.)

I’ll be back. If nothing else, I owe it to my record collection.

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