Storybook Ranch Houses…in a No Doubt video?!

Storybook Ranch Houses…in a No Doubt video?!


The other night, I was watching some classic No Doubt videos (long story why, but I was)…and I noticed something.

I was just starting high school when “Just a Girl”¬†took over the airwaves. I’ve seen the video many, MANY times.

But I didn’t notice the houses back then. (The houses appear only for a few seconds. I had to watch the video three times to get these screenshots.)

If I remember correctly, Gwen once identified this as her grandmother’s house.

Gwen!!! And are those original windows?

The house on the left is so cute!

Gwen, a wrecked car, and an adorable yellow house.

I don’t think these are Cinderella Ranches (which tend to be wider with larger windows), but there were other storybook ranch builders in Orange County.

I have my suspicions regarding which neighborhood this is, but I won’t share them here. All storybook ranch tracts¬†matter to me, celebrity connection or not.

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